Getting your sea legs

Recently, I moved my practice from Middletown to Greenwich Connecticut.  This was a change that happened in an at once spontaneous and planful way.  I knew that change was coming, but did not anticipate he timing or suddenness of such a change in my career.

The phrase ” getting your sea legs” comes from an obvious derivation. If you have ever stepped onto a boat, you know that everything about how you move, how you stand still, and how you gain or maintain your balance changes. In fact, getting your sea legs is best defined as the process of developing the ability to keep your balance when walking on a moving ship and not feel ill.

Change is a constant, and when change occurs, we all need to get our sea legs;to develop the ability to keep our balance while the platform under us is changing, without getting sick. As a psychologist, whether working as a clinician or business consultant, facilitating change is my goal.  In this way, I want my patients and /or clients to have the feeling that they are out of balance at first.  It is in helping them develop sea legs that I know positive change has occurred in their lives, careers, organizations.

It took me a while to get my sea legs, but I feel fine now.