In analysis, you work to turn the ghosts that haunt you, into ancestors who accompany you.
— Bruce Springsteen (paraphrasing Hans Loewald)

Welcome to My Practice.

I am pleased that you have visited my website and hope is that it will be beneficial to you as you go through the process of finding help.  It has been an honor to be part of the process of positive change in the lives of my patients over the years.  I look forward to each day that I  continue in  that practice.

People seek psychotherapy to talk about problems in their lives and the way those problems are being experienced.  Psychotherapy is a treatment based on the development of a  relationship in which it is safe to share one's thoughts and feelings without criticism or judgment. Often in attempting to cope with the present in our lives, and to move successfully into our future, we struggle with the effect of our past.  The psychotherapy relationship allows one to uncover those important connections, and to experience change in the self through that discovery.  What one discovers leads to an internal state which makes new  positive changes possible.   Change in one's internal experience  is the key to effective treatment in psychotherapy. 

As psychologists, each of us bring our collective experience into the psychotherapy model provided to our patients.  My interest is in how we form important relationships while coping with the many challenges of being human.  This monumental task is what creates our greatest joy and our deepest sorrow.