...when the whole group is together, each bringing out all that is best, wisest, or funniest in all the others. Those are the golden sessions...when the whole world, and something beyond the world, opens itself to our minds as we talk.
— C.S. Lewis

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Process Group: the unique opportunity to receive multiple perspectives, support, encouragement and feedback from other individuals in safe and confidential environment. These interpersonal interactions can provide group members an opportunity to deepen their level of self-awareness and to learn how they relate to others.

Catharsis : the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions.


Dr. Rigling's approach to Group Psychotherapy:

Dr. Rigling has provided group psychotherapy to hundreds of patients over the years of his practice.  His primary model is derived from training with Irvin Yalom, M.D..   Psychotherapy groups with Dr. Rigling are based on principles of psychodynamics, and focus on the process between group members in the 'here-and-now".  These type of psychotherapy groups are commonly known as process groups.  Dr. Yalom's therapeutic principles of group therapy,  establish the methods and goals of group psychotherapy. These  include the instillation of hope, imparting information, having corrective interpersonal experiences, developing effective socialization techniques, and having the opportunity for catharsis.   

How Group Psychotherapy can help you:

Group psychotherapy   provides its members with an opportunity to develop more effective patterns of interacting with people in daily life. Group therapy offers the participant curative factors, such as attachments in relationships, instillation of hope, the development of altruism, and the chance to resolve conflicts and challenges encountered in one’s life. 

Group therapy helps people learn about themselves and improve their interpersonal relationships. It addresses feelings of isolation, depression or anxiety, and helps people make significant changes so they feel better about the quality of their lives such as:

  • Improving relationship skills and managing anxiety, moods, and alleviating feelings of isolation.
  • Deepening the  capacity for intimacy, closeness and connection. 
  • Exploring  how one impacts others  and how others impact you.
  • Understand yourself in ways that promote informed healthy choices.
  • Enhancing the development that occur in  individual or couples therapy by having  opportunities to try out new “ways of being” in a safe, supportive environment.

Currently Available Psychotherapy Groups:

Dr. Rigling provides a variety of psychotherapy groups. While each group is different, they are based on principles of group  process, as well as the attachment theory framework of Emotionally Focused Therapy.  Please feel free to contact Dr. Rigling if interested in a group.  The current group psychotherapy options are as follows:

  •  Men’s Psychotherapy Group;

  • Emotionally Focused Psychotherapy group;

  • Bereavement and Loss Group.